Cooling your home is one of the biggest costs for your household during the summer months. Naturally, you want to find ways to get cheaper, cleaner air. But are all the money-saving and home improvement tips all they’re cracked up to be? Not necessarily.

Here are the top 10 myths about ductless AC debunked and how New England Ductless can help you get reliable and affordable cooling all season long.

1. A Bigger Unit Is Better

Bigger doesn’t always equal better when it comes to ductless air conditioning in your home. If your air conditioner is too large for your house, it will shut off too soon, causing the unit to short cycle. This causes premature wear and tear to your air conditioner, meaning you’ll need maintenance and repairs sooner.

2. Indoor Air Quality Isn’t Important

Many people assume that only outdoor pollution affects their health, but it’s actually the opposite. Indoor pollution is a significant risk factor, with as many as 3.8 million people dying every year from health complications caused by indoor pollution, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

3. Ductless Units Leak

You’ve probably seen window ACs that leak water out the back. Some people think that because ductless units are similar in size and shape that they, too, will leak. However, it’s important to note that while window air conditioners are designed to discharge water outside, ductless units aren’t. If the unit ever leaks, there’s likely a problem.

4. Using Your Air Conditioner Can Make You Catch A Cold

Contrary to old wives’ tales, a cool temperature can’t make you catch a cold. Running your air conditioner in the summer or going outside in the winter won’t in and of itself cause you to get sick. You could, however, become ill if you come into contact with viruses or bacteria.

5. Good Insulation Is Only Necessary For Heating

When you think of insulation, you probably think of heating. But good insulation actually keeps cool air in and warm air out during the summer too.

6. The More You Turn Your AC Up, The Colder It Gets

Most, if not all, air conditioners – no matter the type – can only get your home about 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. This is so the air coming from your vents isn’t uncomfortably cold when you walk by them. So if it’s 103 outside, you can expect your house to only get down to about 82 during the hottest part of the day.

7. The Money You Save Long-Term With Ductless Isn’t Worth The High Installation Cost

While it’s true that the upfront cost of having a ductless air conditioner installed is higher than other types of cooling, the money it will save you over time in lower energy costs will eventually offset it. And at some point, the system will pay for itself. After that, your continued savings are yours to enjoy.

8. You Can Only Put Ductless Air Conditioning In New Homes

You might assume that you can only add air conditioning to a new house and you’re just out of luck if you need greater cooling capacity later on. But ductless AC is the perfect solution. You can install a ductless unit in just about any room in your home and all you need is a small opening for the refrigerant lines to run through the wall. You can use your ductless unit alone or to supplement your current air conditioning.

9. You Should Put Your Thermostat Where It’s Easiest To Reach

You definitely need to be able to reach your thermostat, but that’s not necessarily the only consideration when deciding where it should go. The better rule of thumb is to put it near the central point of your home where it can sense the temperature of the majority of your house.

10. Ductless Air Conditioners Need New Refrigerant Every Year

A common misconception about ductless units, and in some cases air conditioners in general, is that the refrigerant inside needs to be refilled annually. Unless there’s a leak or some kind of problem with your refrigerant lines or ductless unit, you shouldn’t need to refresh your refrigerant very often.

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