How much air goes into your ductless AC unit and how much comes out is called its airflow. When the airflow is weak or blocked, it will be harder to keep your home or business cool enough – especially at the height of summer.

Here’s how to tell if there are any issues with your unit’s airflow and how the experienced HVAC technicians at New England Ductless can help you get reliable comfort you can count on.

There Are Hot & Cold Spots Throughout Your Space

One of the major signs that your ductless mini split isn’t getting enough airflow is if there are hot and cold spots in your home. These are small areas where the temperature is much higher or lower than the rest of the space and they’re a good indicator that your unit can’t get enough treated air to your entire space.

While hot and cold spots are pretty common with central HVAC systems, they generally don’t occur with mini splits unless something is wrong with the unit or it needs to be repaired.

There Are Differences In Air Pressure Between Rooms

If you have a very significant airflow problem, you might be able to feel a difference in the air pressure between rooms in your home. You’re most likely to sense this change in your ears and they may even pop in response.

Not only can differences in air pressure be uncomfortable, they can also cause you to lose a lot of energy, resulting in higher electric bills over time. If there’s negative air pressure, this means the air pressure in your house is lower than the air pressure outside. Because air pressure always tries to equal itself, air from outside will be sucked inside through every opening possible, including vents, windows, and even cracks in your foundation. Plus, this allows unfiltered and potentially toxic air into your space where it will be recycled and you can continue to breathe it.

The reverse happens when there’s positive air pressure inside your home. Your treated air from indoors is pulled outside, costing you more in heating and cooling expenses.

You Can’t Feel The Air Coming Out Of Your Unit

If you can’t feel much air coming out of your unit, you can be pretty confident that you have an airflow problem. This is likely due to dirty filters that are preventing the air your mini split is trying to move around from getting out through the vents.

To check your airflow, wet your finger and place it in front of your vent – this makes it easier for you to feel if the airflow is weak, especially when you’re checking the air conditioning. If you don’t sense enough air coming from the unit, try rinsing your filters off or scrubbing them down if they look dusty.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to contact an HVAC professional. There may be an issue with your blower or the motor that runs it. If this happens, your unit will be the right temp but the air won’t actually go anywhere.

The Air From Your Unit Is The Wrong Temperature

If you can feel the air coming out of your mini split but it doesn’t feel as warm or cool as it should, this could be another sign that your unit isn’t getting enough air to operate. In this case, it’s probably not an issue with your blower but rather how much airflow there is to your unit.

In the summer, inadequate return air to your ductless unit can cause the rooms closest to the air handler to be too cold and the rooms furthest away to be uncomfortably warm. During the winter, the rooms closer to your unit will likely feel too hot while the rooms farthest away are still frigid. This can make it hard for everyone in your house to stay comfortable regardless of which room they’re using.

How New England Ductless Can Help

If you’re experiencing problems with your ductless mini split air conditioner, don’t wait to get help from a qualified professional who can diagnose and fix the issue. At New England Ductless, our team of licensed HVAC contractors can help you troubleshoot your ductless heating and cooling problems so your home comfort can be restored as quickly as possible.

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