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Imagine this scenario: you’ve lived through the first few months of a hot Boston summer without air conditioning. As each day passes, you begin to wonder just how much hotter your home can become.

At some point, you realize that you can’t live this way any longer. So, you decide to take the leap. You’re going to install an air conditioning system in your home.

But before you can take action, there are some important questions to answer:

  • What type of AC system is best for your home?
  • How long will it take to install the type of system you choose?
  • Does your selection fit in with your budget?

While all these questions are important, time is of the essence when you’re sweating morning, noon, and night. And that’s why you want to choose an AC system that is fast and efficient to install.

No two homes are the same in Boston, but most ductless AC systems are able to be installed in one to two days. Think about that for a second. Today, you’re living in a hot environment, wondering if you’ll ever be able to cool off. But by tomorrow, your system is installed and you’re ready to finally enjoy a cool home.

When compared to central AC, it’s much more time efficient to install a ductless system. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that you don’t have to run ductwork through your home.

Central AC is common throughout the Boston area, but it’s difficult to install in an existing home that doesn’t already have it. Not only does it take more time, but since your walls and ceilings have to be opened up, it also increases your stress and budget.

There are a variety of factors that determine exactly how long it takes to install a ductless AC system. These include:

  • The size of the system
  • The number of indoor units that require mounting
  • The size of your home

Along with the above, there are two other things that can greatly impact the time it takes to complete the job:

  • The experience and knowledge of the installer
  • If the installer runs into any unforeseen trouble

While there’s no way of knowing what could happen after the project begins, you can protect yourself by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable installation team to take the project from start to finish.

Even if you have a small house, this isn’t a DIY project. Yes, it’s simpler than installing central AC, but it still requires professional attention. Without this, you could make a mistake that costs you time and money, while also damaging your home.

If you’re interested in having a ductless AC system installed in the near future, contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation. We’ll make sure you never again have to sweat through a long Boston summer. How does that sound to you?