Even though ductless HVAC systems are incredibly hardy and long-lasting, things can go awry just like with any other appliance. If you’re experiencing problems with your mini split, here are some common things it might be, how to tell, and where to get reliable ductless service you can count on.

The Unit Hasn’t Been Properly Maintained

Improper maintenance is one of the primary causes of premature problems with ductless systems. Because they’re built to last, you can go years between needing repairs with adequate care and maintenance. But if it’s been awhile since you’ve had the system checked or cleaned and you’re starting to have issues, this is likely to be the culprit.

The Refrigerant Charge Is Low

If your air conditioner is blowing air but it’s not cool, it could be that you have a low refrigerant charge. Refrigerant is a special fluid that flows through the lines between your outdoor compressor and your indoor air handler and helps move heat from one place to another. When there’s not enough of this liquid, heat can’t be removed and the air that comes out of the unit will be warm.

Refrigerant doesn’t need to be replaced often, so if it’s low, you should have your system checked for a leak. It’s not uncommon for there to be leaks around valves or for there to be loose seals where refrigerant can escape. Once you have the leak repaired, you can have the refrigerant refilled and your system should start working again.

The System Is Improperly Sized

If your unit doesn’t seem to heat or cool your home well enough or if it cycles on and off a lot, it may be improperly sized for your space. An HVAC system needs to be large enough to reach all the areas of your house but not so big that the system turns off as soon as it starts.

When a system doesn’t have the capacity to heat or cool your entire home, you’ll run into spots that are different temperatures throughout the space. You might also find that it’s too hot in rooms closest to the unit and too cool in the rooms that are the furthest away.

When there’s too much space for a system, the rooms reach the desired temperature faster. This triggers the unit to shut off until the rooms fall outside the thermostat settings. Then, the unit is triggered back on. This happens more often in a house that’s too big for its system, which puts a lot of stress on the unit and can cause it to break down more quickly.

The Line Or Pipe Sizing Isn’t Correct

Not only does the HVAC system itself need to be appropriately sized, so should the refrigerant lines that run between the outdoor compressor and indoor air handler. If they’re too big, the rate that the refrigerant travels through them will decrease. This causes your system to become inefficient and reduces its overall capacity to heat or cool your space.

This is why it’s so crucial to work with a qualified ductless HVAC technician in your area when having your system installed, maintained, or repaired. Incorrectly sized lines need to be replaced entirely, which can be both costly and time consuming. If the system itself isn’t the right size, it too will need replacing.

The Blower Motor Went Out

If your ductless unit seems to be producing the right temperature air but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, this could be the result of a blower motor that has stopped working. This can happen due to lack of maintenance, manufacturer’s defect, or just an anomaly.

You may also notice that your unit seems to be quieter than usual. Even though ductless mini splits are already incredibly quiet, if your blower motor went out, you might not hear anything at all. You’ll need a licensed technician to fix or replace the motor with a new one. If you bought your system from a reputable contractor, a defective blower motor may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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