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Warm & Cozy…
At The Touch of a Button

Winter: You’ve met your match. With a New England Ductless heating install, you have complete comfort in any (or every) room of your home at your fingertips.
Ductless mini-split heat pumps have come a long way over the years and now lead the industry in efficiency.  With 100% heating ability down to 5 degrees, you’ll have clean, efficient ductless heating all year.  What’s more – you can turn off the rooms you aren’t using to make your home or business even more efficient. Curious how it works?


Ready To Go Ductless? Here is a list of our most common projects in local homes and businesses

  • Rooms with poor heating or cooling ability
  • Clients who heat with oil, electric or low efficiency gas
  • Homes and businesses with unused rooms
  • Vacation homes
  • Server rooms
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Buildings without ductwork
  • Buildings with air flow issues

About New England Ductless

In Boston and surrounding areas, we’re often dealing with homes that once heated with coal or pot-belly stoves! Comfort wasn’t always a top priority and neither was the distribution of heated air, and that leaves today’s homeowner in a tough spot when they want to make their system more efficient and comfortable.

With a New England Ductless heating installation you’ll get perfect warmth wherever you want and you’ll be able to control it on your terms – by remote, by thermostat or by smartphone.