Going Ductless?

The Basics

Ductless heating and cooling units are commonly called mini-splits or duct free systems. They operate extremely efficiently and quietly through the use of INVERTER motors. A ductless system consists of an indoor unit (evaporator) and an outdoor unit (condenser) and may have up to 8 indoor units for each outdoor unit.

Ductless units are capable of replacing your heating and cooling system and operate down to temperatures as low as -15 F. Between the indoor and outdoor units, small copper lines bring hot or cold refrigerant to the indoor unit, and through those pipes, heated or cooled air is delivered to the living space. Utilizing little or no ductwork, ductless systems are perfectly suited to home and business applications.








Single or Multi-Zone?
Depending on your needs, you may choose one, single indoor unit or all the way up to 8 indoor units – all on 1 outdoor unit. Each indoor unit comprises a “zone” and you have complete control over each zone – need to run the Master Bedroom but not the Guest Room down the hall? No problem!
Types of Indoor Unit?
Choose from Wall Mount, Floor Mount, Ceiling Recessed Cassette, Horizontal Ducted or the new Multi-Position Air Handler. With this amount of variety, we’ve got a great solution for any project you can think of. Think you have a place where we can’t get a ductless unit? Bring it!
Technology Abounds
Ductless mini-splits are leading the charge forward in efficiency. Nearly every feature found in a New England Ductless installation will not only improve your comfort, but will also deliver a higher efficiency than a standard “unitary” type product. Here is a list of things you can expect from your ductless heat pump:
  • Full heating to 5 degrees F and 75% down to -13. And since machines are affected by wind chill, you can use your ductless heat pump to replace your entire heating system.
  • Wi-Fi Control is built into each unit that New England Ductless installs. You can turn down the AC while you’re at work or turn up the heat when you’re getting home late.
  • Zoning is the best part! A Mitsubishi MXZ-8C48NAHZ unit, for instance, will handle 8 zones and provide all the comfort you need in every room you desire.
  • Inverter Motors are run by converting AC power to DC, where it can then be “pulsed” for complete control over the efficiency, air flow and dehumidification.
  • Hot Start is a feature that guarantees all the air you feel is nice and warm, driven by the INVERTER motors in our units.
  • Extremely Quiet operation is standard on every installation due to the variable speed motors utilized. Sounds levels are quieter than a library or human whisper!