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HeatSmart Arlington-Winchester launched in April 2019 and pricing has been extended through May 2020! New England Ductless is an official HeatSmart installer and we offer discounted pricing and top-notch customer service to our residents and small businesses.

Did you know?

Using Air Sourced Heat Pumps (ASHPs) in conjuction with
your existing oil or propane system has an additional rebate worth

$1,600 per ton of clean energy produced?

HeatSmart Arlington-Winchester is a community-led effort promoting four clean heating and cooling technologies that can help our residents save money, conserve energy and be more comfortable year-round while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These technologies include:
Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Hot Water, and Modern Wood Heating.

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Ductless ASHP technology can provide

100% of your home’s heating and cooling

needs and is the one of the only types of heat to be powered by clean, renewable energy sources.