Announcement: New England Ductless is HeatSmart Massachusetts’ official installer of ductless air source heat pumps (mini-splits) in Melrose and Newton for 2020.

Save on Your Heating & Cooling Bills with New England Ductless and HeatSmart Mass

Does your utility bill seem high? That’s because it is high. You’re paying some of the highest heating prices in the country. What’s worse? They’re rising.

How’d you like to be paying just half by this winter? Or even 60%* less?

Now you can thanks to the HeatSmart Massachusetts program. Upgrade to a mini-split system and save. Save on the equipment. Save on your utility bill. And help save the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

*based on ENERGY STAR certified ductless mini-split heat pumps.

What Is the HeatSmart Massachusetts Program?

HeatSmart Massachusetts, or HeatSmart Mass, is a program to reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Working alongside MassCEC and the Massachusetts Department of Energy, HeatSmart Mass is accomplishing this goal at the community level by offering discounts on upgrades to green, energy efficient equipment:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Automated Wood Heating
  • Solar Hot Water

Each year, Massachusetts communities participating in the program select a designated installer to offer one or more of the above clean heating and cooling technologies.

Year after year, New England Ductless is chosen as HeatSmart Mass’ official installer of ductless air source heat pumps.

Which HeatSmart Mass Cities and Towns Has New England Ductless Served?

See the cities and towns that have chosen us as their official mini-split installer under the HeatSmart Mass program:

Newton Mass HeatSmart Program

HeatSmart Mass 2020: Newton

New England Ductless is the official ductless air source heat pump installer for the Newton, MA HeatSmart CoolSmart program. Learn More

HeatSmart Mass 2020: Melrose

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HeatSmart Mass 2019: Marshfield

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HeatSmart Mass 2019 and 2020: Arlington and Winchester

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HeatSmart Mass 2017: Somerville

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See Our HeatSmart Mass Mini-Split Installs

How could your home benefit from upgrading to a mini-split system? See the results of our past projects under the HeatSmart Mass program to get an idea.

heatsmart mass mini-split install

HeatSmart Melrose Program

Arlington Homeowner Gets HeatSmart with New England Ductless and Mitsubishi

Somerville Homeowner Gets HeatSmart

HeatSmart Arlington Winchester