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Newton, MA Home & Business Owners:

Your Neighbors Are Saving…

“It was a slam dunk to put in the central ducted air source heat pump.” — Bob, Carlisle resident who displaced about 470 gallons of fuel oil per year with 100% renewable electricity.

“By 2020, [the heat pumps] reduced our use of natural gas by 82%… so that made us very encouraged to keep going and trying to do this.” — Margaret, Environmental Scientist and resident of Newton who installed heat pumps in 2014.

Ready to Join Them & Save Up to 60% on Your Heating Bill?*

Plus another 21% on your upgrade to a air source heat pump.**

Simply fill out the form to get started. A rep for New England Ductless, the official Air Source Heat Pump installer for HeatSmart Newton 2020, will call you right away.

Get answers to all of your questions. Schedule a time for our HVAC technicians to conduct a safe and socially distant assessment of your current equipment. And get your FREE quote. So you can start saving on your home heating today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

*Based on ENERGY STAR certified ductless mini-split heat pumps.

**Based on recent HeatSmart results in other MA communities.


About the HeatSmart Newton Program

60% of Newton’s greenhouse gas emissions come from home heating, cooling, and hot water usage.

The 2020 HeatSmart Newton program is a community-based, volunteer-led clean cooling and heating initiative to help locals lower their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions while making their homes more comfortable. A win-win-win for you. For your family. And for your community.

This year, HeatSmart Newton is promoting air source heat pumps for space heating and cooling.

The HeatSmart Newton program offers many benefits:

  • Pricing that is transparent and competitive.
  • Access to state and local rebates and 0% financing.
  • Information on programs for low-income residents.
  • Education on ductless heat pumps.
  • Referrals to vetted, highly qualified installers.

New England Ductless is HeatSmart Newton’s official air source heat pump installer this year. We’ll upgrade your equipment. Without the installation errors that can rack up your utility bill by 30%.

“There are a lot of contractors that don’t know what they’re doing… which is why I think the HeatSmart program is really great because you get somebody to talk to who could help you avoid all the stuff that we went through.” — John, Strategy Consultant and Newton resident who switched to a variable speed heat pump.

Upgrade to a Ductless Air Source Heat Pump. Save Up to 60%*. And…

Spend less on system maintenance. Say goodbye to inconsistent temperatures. Enjoy environmentally friendly heating.

controlling a mini split ac unit

Upgrade to an Air Source Heat Pump. Save Up to 60%. Set a Good Example…

“I want to be a role model for my kids, for my whole community, and for my clients.” — Craig, West Newton realtor and resident who switched to a central heat pump system.

Such Big Savings. So Little Time.

How long do you have to save on upgrading to a new heating and cooling system? Not long. The HeatSmart Newton program has been extended to December 31, 2020.