Boston Home Replaces HVAC with 5-Zone Ductless System

Colonial single-family home in Boston needs a whole home heating and cooling system installation.

The single-family homeowners in Boston, MA, loved living in this historic town. However, their house was equipped with an outdated heating system, and the furnace needed some repairs. Since they were already looking for a new heating solution, the homeowners decided to look into a complete HVAC replacement.

After researching, these homeowners decided that New England Ductless was the perfect company to help them upgrade their home. After meeting with the comfort specialist, the family decided on a five-zone ductless system with the option to keep the old furnace as supplemental heating. However, later it was decided that the furnace was unnecessary, and that was removed.

The Problem: This Boston, MA, home had an outdated furnace that needed replacement and a ducted air conditioning system. They wanted an energy-efficient solution for the entire house.

The Solution: NED removed the existing furnace and ductwork to install a five-zone LG ductless system for complete, pinpoint control over the home’s comfort.

Example of a wall-mounted ductless mini split AC unit in a colonial Boston home.The Design 

At first, the family wanted to keep their existing furnace as a supplemental heating method to the new ductless system. The furnace was older and in need of repairs; however, after talking with the conference specialist about solutions, it was determined the furnace was unnecessary.

After that was decided, the family settled on a five-zone, ductless heating and cooling system. This LG ductless heating and air conditioning system would provide superior comfort all year long.

The new system would require two outdoor heat pumps installed on the home’s exterior and five interior units throughout the house. The five rooms needing a ductless air conditioner were on the right side of the home. The living room, kitchen, and both of the second-floor bedrooms would receive LG ductless air handlers. The third office was the fifth and final room that needed ductless mini splits.

Indoor wall-mounted AC unit installed in a colonial home in Boston.The final leg of the project was installing two heat pumps and a water heater. Both of the LG outdoor heat pumps were installed on the right side of the home, where they are easy to access for maintenance but don’t interfere with the home’s curb appeal. The hot water heater was installed to provide better-quality heated water throughout the home.

The Installation

Before the installation could begin, the team at New England Ductless had to remove the old furnace. The oil tank and all ductwork were removed from the home and disposed of properly. This ensures the family has a clean finish for the new LG ductless heating and air conditioning system.

Indoor wall-mounted mini split heating and cooling unit in colonial Boston home.Next, outside the home on the right side of the house, a concrete pad was poured into LG mini split heat pumps were installed. Both units will provide high-quality heated and cooled air to the home. The air is passed from the heat pumps to the indoor units via thin piping that is run through the walls like electrical wiring.

Each of the five indoor ductless heating and air-conditioning units was installed on the wall of the room it was intended to service. These highly efficient ductless units are an excellent option to help upgrade this family’s home.

Before the comfort technician installs a wall-mounted air conditioner, a small hole is drilled into the wall behind the mounting location. The piping from the outdoor heat pump is snaked through this hole and connected to the back of the ductless unit. Then, the LG ductless mini split is installed on the wall.

The Benefits

Indoor wall-mounted ductless mini split in a colonial home in Boston.Now that the family has a new LG ductless system, they will be able to enjoy eco-friendly heating and cooling for their entire home. The LG ductless mini splits heat and cool the house by transferring warm air from outside the home into the rooms through the air handlers and reversing this process for cooling. This method of heating and cooling is highly energy-efficient, which will save homeowners on their energy bills for years to come.

Another thing that will help the family save on their energy bills is that each unit operates separately. This design will allow them to shut off the ductless mini splits in rooms that are not being used so that they don’t have to waste energy heating and cooling a space that no one will be in.

Because these units are so energy efficient, the family applied for a $10,000 rebate for upgrading their home with a more eco-friendly solution. That savings will help to offset the installation cost so that they can see their energy savings more quickly.

Outdoor air condenser heat pump for a colonial home in Boston.Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are tired of dealing with a finicky HVAC system or having trouble keeping up with your comfort needs, contact New England Ductless today. We will work with you to design a system for heating and cooling. That will give you the comfort you need and help you save money in the long run.