Boston Multifamily Homeowners Install Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split

Multi-family home in Boston, MA, in need of a whole home ductless mini-split installation.

The owners of this multi-family home in Boston, Massachusetts, had a large house with three floors that all needed heating. The three floors, including an attic and a basement, would require a complete replacement of the existing heating system to keep the space comfortable.

After researching the available solutions for their heating and cooling needs, these homeowners decided that New England Ductless would be the best company to install a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system throughout the home. The home would need two separate systems to service all rooms and New England Ductless had extensive experience installing all types of HVAC systems.

The Problem: This multi-family home needed to install a heating and cooling system to service all three levels of the home, including the attic in the basement.

The Solution: The New England Ductless comfort specialist installed two separate systems or three minutes each, to create six zones of comfort throughout this home.

The Design 

Wall-mounted ductless mini-split air conditioner in Boston home.The owners of the single-family home were new to New England and ductless. Still, our experience and history of any track installations in the area made them confident we would provide the services they needed. This large home would need a dual system with heating and cooling capabilities to keep the house comfortable.

The three floors of the home included four bedrooms, three hallways, the living room, and the kitchen. Each of these spaces would need a separate wall-mounted ductless mini-split for heating and cooling. Two outdoor heat pumps were needed to service all six rooms, and the three hallways were provided heating and cooling through the rooms connected to them.

Wall-mounted mini split AC unit in multi-family MA home.Two outdoor heat pumps would be installed outside the home to provide the heated and cooled air to the indoor units. This high-efficiency heat pump is connected to the indoor units via thin wiring, which doesn’t require extensive renovation for ductwork. Because of this design, it is quick to install and makes this an excellent solution for this whole home installation.

The first of the two systems would include an outdoor heater located on the side of the home and three indoor wall-mounted ductless mini splits in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The second system would include a second outdoor heat pump and condenser unit and the other three indoor ductless mini Splits. These three units would supply in the second bedroom, third bedroom, and fourth bedrooms with the heated or cooled air.

The Installation

Mini-split air conditioning unit in Boston home.Before the installation process could begin, the old heating system needed to be removed. The comfort specialist said New England Ductless handled the removal of the old system.

Next, the outdoor condenser units were installed on the outside of the home, where they were easy to reach and could provide the heated and cooled air to the indoor units. Each of these outdoor heat pumps were installed on a concrete pad.

Inside the home, the ductless mini splits were mounted onto the walls of each room they intended to service. Mounting the units on the wall gives them the best positioning flow throughout the rooms and keeps them out of the way of traffic and decor. This makes it easy to adapt the home’s space to accommodate the ductless units.

Behind each of the ductless units, the comfort specialist drills a small hole into the wall where the tubing is snaked to the outdoor heat pumps. This tubing acts similarly to ductwork but takes up much less space and is a more efficient way to move the air from the heat pump to the air handlers.

Wall-mounted mini-split air conditioner in a multi-family home in Boston, MA.The Benefits

Once all of the units for each of the two systems were installed, the entire system was booted up and tested. The family will be able to control the temperature in each of the rooms with the remote control. Additionally, the ductless mini splits operate separately from one another, which allows the family to Enjoy pinpoint control over each of the rooms.

Additionally, switching to a ductless mini split system over their old heating will help save the family money on their energy bills every month of the year. The new system operates on a highly efficient design, providing high-quality heating and air conditioning throughout the home. Not only that, but the family was able to apply for a rebate to help offset the cost of installation.

Ductless mini-split AC unit in multi-family Boston home.Now they can enjoy savings throughout the year. However, they also love that the Mitsubishi ductless mini splits operate independently from one another, so they can turn off the heating and cooling in two rooms that are no longer being used, which will save them money you’re around.

Another reason that the Mitsubishi ductless mini split system is an excellent choice is that they get the benefits of both high-quality air conditioning and energy-efficient heating in a single system. The homeowners have also added value to their home, so if they ever decide to move, and so the house, the upgraded Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system will increase the quality of the home.

Outdoor air condenser for a multifamily home in Boston, MA.Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are tired of wrestling with a heating and air conditioning system that doesn’t provide the high-quality comfort, you deserve, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Contact New England Douglas today, and we will help you pick the perfect heating and cooling system for your home. We have experience working with all types of homes, from historical buildings to his structures and more. Contact us today to speak with a concrete specialist and start your journey toward complete home comfort.