Brownstone Condo Is Cooler Than Ever!

Summary of job

Living in Boston’s Historic South End is a great time, but he challenge is that the beautiful architecture was built for humans in the 1900’s or earlier! Creature comforts like nice and efficient heating and cooling weren’t high on the list back then and our client had permanently installed window units blocking all their natural light and was just living with the noise and general unpleasantness. On top of that, their heating was not easily controlled and the whole situation was not up to today’s standards. The biggest challenge is that the workspace was about 50 feet high up off the ground, so safety was a top priority!


The Solution

We had professional staging installed as well as harness lag-points installed in the walls of the 50’ shaft. This allowed our team to safely install an MXZ-3C30NAHZ Mitsubishi Hyper Heat system with two indoor systems. These systems are very efficient and quiet and allowed our customer to control their system remotely via the Kumo-Cloud app. The 2019 Mass Save Rebates and the Mass DOER “APS” Program netted our customer over $2,000 in rebates to boot. Not bad at all!