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Condo in Cambridge Needed Whole Home Heating and Cooling

Condo in Cambridge, MA, needs a whole-home heating and cooling upgrade.Living in Cambridge, MA, these homeowners were right where they wanted to be. They loved the location and the style of their multi-family Colonial home that had been converted into condos.

Unfortunately, the home’s existing forced hot water system was struggling to keep up with heating the entire home through the colder months. The homeowners’ energy bills were high from trying to keep the house comfortable, and they wanted a solution that would help them save money throughout the winter. Upgrading their home with an LG ductless system would allow the family to qualify for a Mass Save rebate, as well.

All of these savings and the ability to make their home comfortable all year long made it an easy choice to call New England Ductless and start their renovation project. Learn more about the installation and how this family was able to enjoy superior comfort throughout their home.

The Problem: The owners of this condo in Cambridge, MA, wanted their home equipped with energy-efficient, LG ductless heating and cooling. The existing forced hot water heating system was inefficient and needed replacement.

The Solution: NED helped the homeowners by installing a complete LG heating and cooling system in their condo. The old forced hot water system was left in place, so the family could use it in emergencies.

The Design

An indoor ductless mini split installed in a condo in Cambridge.The home was around 1100 sq. ft., using steam heat to warm their space in the winter. However, the family wanted a more energy-efficient option. The new LG ductless system would provide zones of comfort throughout the home by giving them a heating and cooling unit for each room that needed it.

The family wanted to keep the existing forced hot water system to use as supplemental heating for the ductless system, which meant NED did not have to remove the old steam heat system from the home.

Additionally, the family had no cooling system for the home, which the ductless ACs would fix. LG ductless mini splits offer heating and cooling in the same system. This makes them incredibly energy-efficient and an easy solution for families who need complete comfort throughout the year.

The Installation

An example of a ductless wall mounted AC unit in a Cambridge condo.Our team of comfort specialists set up the home to have an LG ductless mini split on each floor. The condo had three levels, so a mini split was needed on every level to keep the home comfortable throughout.

These wall-mounted ductless units are placed on the wall where they have the best airflow throughout the space, and a small hole is drilled into the wall behind them. The line piping that transfers the heated or cooled air from the outdoor heat pump to the ductless indoor unit is snaked through the walls like electrical wiring.

For this installation, the homeowner decided to handle installing the line hide themselves, which would conceal the piping along the wall without taking away from the home’s curb appeal.

Outside the home, the NED team installed the outdoor heat pump on a concrete pad where it was out of the way and easy to access. This heat pump pulls the warm air from the outside air and warms it by pumping it through the coils, and then sends it to the ductless units inside the house. This method of heating is very energy efficient, and the system reverses the process in the summer to provide high-quality air conditioning.

The Benefits

Side of a condo in Cambridge needing a heating and air conditioning unit replacement.One of the primary reasons the family chose to install the ductless mini split system in their home was because of the Mass Save rebates available for anyone who updates their house with more energy-efficient systems. This family qualified for a rebate of $10,000 just for having an LG ductless system installed.

Not only will the homeowners save on their installation with this rebate, but they’ll see energy savings all throughout the year thanks to the high-quality heating and cooling. The pin-point control over their comfort levels will make their home more comfortable and allow them to shut off the heat or air conditioning in places that are not being used regularly.

Because the mini split system does not operate on a central thermostat, they’ll be able to have more control over each level of the home. Additionally, the ductless mini splits offer humidity control, further increasing their home’s comfort.

Another incredible benefit to these environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems is that they increase the home’s value. So, if the family ever decides to sell their home, they’ll be able to sell for a higher price.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you’re tired of wrestling with a heating or cooling system that doesn’t quite do the trick, contact us today! We’ll help you explore the benefits and design options for a ductless mini split heating and cooling system. You should be comfortable in your home; we’ll help you get there! Contact a comfort specialist today!