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LG Heating and Cooling Replaces Forced Hot Water System

Family home in Waltham upgrades HVAC system with LG heating and cooling.

The homeowners in this split-level home in Waltham, MA, had an outdated forced hot water system that had served the home well for many years. Unfortunately, the forced hot water system was not providing reliable heat throughout the house. The family was dealing with lots of hot and cold spots throughout the winter. It was time for an update, so the family called New England Ductless to find a solution for both heating and cooling for their house.

In addition to removing the old system, our team of specialists helped install a new LG system that would offer heating and cooling for the whole home.

The Problem: The forced hot water heating system in this brick split-level home was unable to keep the house comfortable in the winter, resulting in hot and cold spots throughout the home. The family also did not have an air conditioning system and wanted an energy-efficient solution.

The Solution: New England Ductless helped the family find comfort with a new LG system for heating and cooling their home all year long.

The Design

An indoor ductless wall AC installed for a multi-zone heating and cooling system.Because of the size of the home, two LG systems were installed to provide maximum control over the family’s comfort. The NED comfort specialists installed the first system throughout the house to provide high-quality, filtered air at the perfect temperature. Next, we set up the second system to service the kitchen and the basement with two wall-mounted ACs.

The Installation

A critical part of the installation process was to remove the existing forced hot water system. Additionally, the old air handlers in the attic had to be removed and disposed of properly.

Once the air handler was taken out of the home, the condenser units needed to be replaced. The outdoor condensers were removed and disposed of carefully, so the new heat pumps could be mounted onto concrete pads outside the home. Mounting the ductless condenser units on the pad keeps the condensers clear of debris and helps the maintenance crew have easy access at any time.

Outdated air handler in the attic of a Waltham home that needed to be removed. A wall unit was placed in each room that needed temperature and humidity control. The placement is designed to give the unit the best airflow throughout the room. The wall-mounted ACs are installed by creating a small hole in the wall, where all the piping is threaded through like electrical wiring. Each of the wall-mounted ACs installed inside the home was connected to the designated condenser for that system.

Because there were two systems needed for this home, the comfort specialists were able to hook up most of the house to a single outdoor heat pump. The ductless mini-splits in the kitchen and the basement were run to the second heat pump, giving the homeowners complete control over their comfort.

The refrigerant lines and piping, which connect the outdoor heat pump to the indoor units, were concealed with line hide to help them blend into the side of the home.

After the system was installed and everything was connected, it was time to start up the system and test it. The comfort specialists also upgraded the existing electrical panel to a 200 amps unit and added iWaves to filter the air more naturally and efficiently.

The Benefits

Another outdoor heat pump installed in ductless installation in Waltham, MA.Not only will this family see a vast improvement in the comfort of their home, but they’ll also see energy savings all year long thanks to the LG ductless mini-split systems. These highly efficient heating and cooling systems provide some of the best home comfort control on the market today.

Each zone of the new LG ductless system operates separately from the others, so it’s easy to get pinpoint control over the temperature, humidity, and more! In addition, this ductless mini-split system offers a quiet solution for both heating and cooling.

The family chose to have iWaves installed to help keep the air in their home clean and filtered using natural methods. This option is an excellent choice for anyone with respiratory problems, a weakened immune system, or other health concerns improves the air quality in your home while providing high-quality heating and cooling.

Additionally, the energy efficiency in this system will save the family hundreds on their energy bills! This family was able to qualify for a $10,000 rebate to help offset the cost of installation because they improved their home with environmentally friendly technology. So, the homeowners were able to save on the cost of upgrading their heating and air, and they’ll see savings over the years using their new ductless mini-splits.

Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you’re looking for a great way to improve the comfort level of your home, installing a ductless mini-split system might be the right move for you! These versatile heating and cooling systems make it easy to keep your home comfortable while saving money.

Don’t spend another year struggling to keep your home warm with an outdated heating system or sweating through the summer in a home with no air conditioning. Call New England Ductless today and talk to a comfort specialist about your options for upgrading your home.