Melrose Victorian Home: Modern Heating, Classic Home

Summary of job

These new homeowners had bought a new home with some wonderful character – nice wood floors, high ceilings and great stained glass windows and wood work – but their heating system was one huge zone and not very efficient. Also, with a no air conditioning and a growing family, it was time to make the switch to a new, efficient system.


Our solution

A 5 zone Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating system. Nice and neatly, we installed one zone for each bedroom and one for the main living space, guaranteeing complete comfort for each person in the home. Also, with our 12 year Diamond Dealer warranty from Mitsubishi Electric, this new system will take their children right through their school years. Our clients can rest easy knowing they’ll only pay to heat or cool the rooms they’re using, and that they can adjust and monitor temperatures from the included Kumo-Cloud app. Even better? Since you can’t rely on young children to turn off the heating or cooling when they leave a space, we set up the occupancy-sensor function, so if the Mitsubishi Electric system senses that the room is not occupied, it will automatically kick back the temp by 4 degrees! These new homeowners are thrilled with their new systems and wrote us a great review you can read here!