Milton, MA, Home Replaces Oil with Heat Pump

Split-level home in Milton, MA, needing a whole home conversion from oil to a heat pump.

Milton, MA, is a quaint town in Norfolk County that is one of the best places to live outside of Boston. The suburb is ranked as one of the safest cities in America, which is one of the reasons the owners of this split-level home loved their location.

However, as oil prices continued to rise, the homeowners decided that upgrading from oil heat to a heat pump system would be the best option for their home. This new design would save them money in the long run and make their home more energy efficient.

Unlike many homes in the area, this Milton MA, family home had AC ducting already in place. So the heat pump would easily be able to supply air throughout the home.

The Problem: The owners of the split-level home in Milton, MA, needed to replace their oil heating system, the outdoor condenser unit, and a water heater.

The Solution: NED replaced the old oil heating system with a high-efficiency heat pump. The new system would use the existing ductwork for heating and cooling purposes. Additionally, a new water heater was installed in the basement.

The Design

Air Handler in the attic of a split-level home in Milton, MA.Because of the existing ductwork, all the rooms on the first and second floor would be able to be serviced from the outdoor heat pump. A new air handler would need to be installed in the attic to help pump the heated and cooled air from the outdoor condenser to the various rooms in the house. Additionally, the comfort specialist would need to add space for the condenser, which would replace the AC unit.

This home uses Eversource Electricity, and the team at New England Ductless  determined that three separate systems would need to be installed for this particular home. The first system was simply replacing the outdoor condenser, which was a cooling-only unit, with a heat pump to provide heating and cooling. Additionally, system two was a 65-gallon Rheem Rudd water heater to help provide heated water throughout the home. Lastly, a JP 12 was installed in the basement.

Indoor water heater in MA split-level home.The Installation

The first part of this installation was to remove the old air handler in the attic and replace it with the new air handler. Secondly, the outdoor condenser unit was replaced, and the heat pump was installed that will be able to provide heat and air conditioning. Both of these units were then attached to the existing ductwork in the home. This use of the home’s previously existing ductwork saved time and money on this installation.

Additionally, a new water heater was installed to replace the outdated one. So this home was now equipped to be more comfortable and serve the family’s needs more efficiently.

The Benefits

Outdoor heat pump condenser unit for a split level home in Milton, MA.The upgrades to this home provide a variety of benefits for the homeowners. One of which is they were able to apply for a mass save rebate of $10,750. This rebate helped them to offset the installation cost and will help them see improved energy bills and the savings from them more quickly.

Another benefit to upgrading their system is now the family has reliable heating and cooling, using the same ductwork and centralized HVAC system. Not only does this increase the value of their home, but it will help to keep the family comfortable throughout the year.

Lastly, the new water heater will help the family enjoy longer, more relaxing showers, keep up with the dishes, and reduce their energy bills by using a more energy-efficient heater than before.

Outdoor condenser unit for split-level MA home.Is a New System Right for You?

If you’re struggling to keep your home comfortable in the summer or winter, it may be time to get a new HVAC system. At New England Ductless, we specialize in customizing heating and cooling systems for your home. Our comfort specialists work hand-in-hand with you to design a heating and cooling system that provides for all your needs.

No matter what type of home you live in, whether a rental unit, a historic home, or a new build, we can help you get the comfort you deserve. Call today to get a consultation about upgrading your home with New England Ductless.