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North Weymouth Home Is The Coolest House On The Block

Summary of job

Living on the beach is a beautiful thing, but despite the constant breeze, our client was still a bit warm with southern exposure all afternoon and no AC. Combined with a low efficiency oil heating system, we saw a great opportunity to solve a big comfort issue and make the home more efficient at the same time. These are the jobs that we love at New England Ductless!

The solution?

A Mitsubishi Electric M-Series cooling & heating system – one for the open-concept main level and another for the Master Bedroom. This system earned about $2,500 in rebates, took just a few days to install and didn’t ANY extra work from the client. Now, when off at work or at play, our client can use the included Kumo-Cloud app to monitor and adjust the temperatures at home and make sure her doggie stays comfy all year round!