West Roxbury Ductless System Fits For New Homeowners

Summary of job

Customer was doing a renovation but didn’t want to do a ducted system due to the expense and the invasive nature of running ductwork. They also didn’t need to have the whole home “conditioned” at the same time, meaning they could utilize “spot heating/cooling” rather than heating rooms they weren’t using.

  1. We provided a quote after doing a walkthrough, and provided multiple options.
    • We selected one for the master, one for the office, one for the family room and one for the guest room.
  2. Once we got a good game plan, we connected our client to our resources who gave them:
    • 0% interest Mass Save HEAT Loan for 7 years.
    • A no-cost energy audit to qualify them.
  3. We performed the whole ductless install in 4 days and brought our electrician in to wire up the equipment.
  4. We brought in our cleaning crew to perform a whole-house cleaning at the end of the job to take care of all the dust.