Whole Home HVAC Replacement for Ductless System

Family home in Waltham upgrades HVAC system with LG heating and cooling.

The owners of the single-family split-level home in Natick, New England, were ready to move their house to a more efficient solution for heating and cooling. Although the home had an existing hot water baseboard heating system, the family was in need of air conditioning to come back in the heat in the summer months. 

After looking at their options, the homeowners decided that New England Ductless would provide the best service for their home and a quick installation. The family also opted to keep the existing heating system as a supplemental option.

The Problem: The owners of this single-family home needed a whole home replacement for their house. The existing hot water baseboard heating was leaving hot and cold spots throughout the home and the lack of a central AC kept them sweating in the summer.

The Solution: NED installed a set of new ducted and ductless heating and cooling systems. The air handler in the attic was replaced, and new ductwork was installed. Additionally, ductless wall-mounted ACs were installed in the living, family, and dining rooms.

The Design

Example of an indoor ductless mini split in Natick split-level home.Because of the existing hot water baseboard heating system, the design for this installation would be a replacement and supplemental heating and cooling system. The first thing that would need to be done is to replace the furnace and all ductwork. Additionally, three new ductless mini splits would need to be installed inside the home to provide the heated and cooled air.

Outside the house, an LG ductless heat pump would be installed to provide the heated and cooled air to the indoor units. This heat pump works in tandem with the air handler in the attic, all the new duct work, and all three of the interior ductless wall ACs.

The Installation

Indoor wall-mounted ductless AC unit installed in a split-level home in Natick.Before the team at New England Ductless could install the new system, the old furnace had to be removed. Afterward, new ductwork was installed throughout the home, and all old equipment was disposed of.

Next, the team set up the outdoor condenser to supply the heated and cooled air throughout the home. This LG heat pump operates exceptionally efficiently, transferring the heat that is already in the air outside the house through thin piping to the air handler‘s or ductless units to provide warmth throughout the space.

After the heat pumps were in place, the team installed the three units in the living room, family room, and dining room. These three spaces would enjoy quiet, reliable comfort at the touch of a button.

The Benefits

Air handler in a single-family split-level home in Natick.There are many benefits to switching to a ductless system over standard heating and air conditioning. One of the reasons that this family chose to upgrade is the energy efficiency of the LG ductless heating and cooling system. For this single-family split-level home, having a ductless system in tandem with the attic air handler and ductwork will provide reliable, complete comfort all year round.

Additionally, because the family upgraded their home with an energy-efficient solution, they could apply for a rebate of $10,000. This will help offset the installation cost and help them see their energy savings sooner.

LG air handler in Natick single-family split-level home.Another benefit to choosing the ductless system is that it operates very quietly. In fact, the family is likely not even to notice when the LG ductless heating and cooling system kicks on.

In addition to all the energy savings, this family will have the peace of mind of knowing that they have increased the value of their home by upgrading to a ductless system instead of a hot water baseboard heating system.

Outdoor heat pump condenser unit for Natick split-level home.Is a Ductless System Right for You?

If you are tired of dealing with an outdated heating or cooling system that doesn’t keep your home comfortable. It’s time to consider an upgrade. Call New England Ductless today and get a quote on upgrading your home with ductless heating and cooling. Our comfort specialist will work with you to design the perfect system for your space.

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