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BTU (British Thermal Units)

BTU (British Thermal Units) –is a unit of energy used in the heating and air-conditioning industries. The larger area you need to cool or heat, the more BTUs you need. For single zone systems it is pretty straight forward but for multi zone systems, the indoor units and outdoor units have a set number of BTUs.

What makes ductless great is that each indoor unit runs independent from the rest so the total number of BTUs for the indoor units can be up to 30% greater than the outdoor unit’s BTU.

What is a Ductless Solution?

A ductless system provides zoned heating and cooling by strategically installing units throughout the home or building. You can choose wall or floor models. The indoor mini-split air conditioners are hooked up to an outdoor unit using just a 3-inch hole through the wall. They are ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. They are efficient, quiet and provide unique comfort and flexibility


Which ductless system is right for you?

Single zones systems are generally used to cool one room. If you need to cool more than one space, a multi-room ductless system can be used that has two, three, or four indoor units to one outdoor unit.

Eco friendly air conditioners

In terms of energy efficiency, ductless systems are the hands-down winner allowing users to control temperatures in specific areas of the home. The refrigerant that is used in the mini-split air conditioner is the most environmentally friendly option in the market today.

Easy installation

Mini-splits are duct free, which means they do not require messing with the a structure to install.


Targeting abilities

Every home, building or facility has areas with different temperature sensitivity. Mini splits let users get the desired temperature for each space without wasting resources.

Cost savings

Being efficient means also a cost savings benefit. The less energy consumed by the mini splits, the more savings!