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Why Should I Install A Ductless Heat Pump?
Ductless technology has been around since the 1970’s and was originally a cooling-only product used primarily in Asia, Europe and South America. Replacing window units was the first goal, and early ductless units were not much different from window units since they used standard motors and compressors.

While adoption of ductless technology was high, efficiency was not. As the global market has grown, the technology advanced at a rapid pace and the modern offerings are wildly different from their early counterparts in terms of features, benefits and efficiency. Nowadays, ductless units are almost entirely “heat pumps”, which are essentially a cooling unit that has the ability to reverse the operation and instead of rejecting the heat it absorbs to the outdoors, they’ll reject the heat back into the living space. Efficiency with heat pumps is always a concern, since they use electricity to power the equipment, but luckily, the efficiency of modern ductless systems is unparalleled by anything on the market. Today’s ductless heat pumps are fully capable of being your sole source of heating and cooling, even in extremely cold climates. Looking at the current flock of ductless products, it is easy to see why there is double-digit growth in the US market – ductless products are the perfect solution to so many issues that plague existing homes in America.

Whether you need complete control of your comfort, or you want to heat an addition, or you need to solve your Indoor Air Quality issues, there is a ductless solution for you. 75% of our installations use a wall-mount unit, but there are ceiling mount units, floor mount units, flush mount cassettes and small ducted setups as well, so finding a way to get comfort wherever you want it is no longer an issue.